Ageas offers its customers the choice to use either an approved repairer or a garage that best suits their needs and does not penalise customers for wishing use their own nominated garage.  Ageas has some of the best car repair times in the industry with a key to key time of 6 days on average compared to the industry norm of 9 to 11 days (source Ford Accident Management), returning the vehicle to the customer with safe, quality repairs as quickly as possible. Ageas maintains a strong partnership approach with its network of repairers and works closely with them to ensure customers’ needs are met.

Regarding parts used in the car repair process, Ageas does not stipulate the use of cheaper alternatives to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.  In exceptional circumstances, Ageas will use non-OEM parts for claims where original parts are no longer made for older vehicle models or for green repairs for things such as wing mirrors or panels.  These options would never be used on areas such as steering or braking repairs and all non-OEM parts are only used with the prior approval of the customer. 

Ageas can also confirm that it uses the same billing model for non-fault and at-fault drivers and does not increase costs for other insurers.  The company does not mandate supply arrangements and the quality of repair methods across its approved network meets the guidance provided by Thatcham.

Claims and Operations Director for Ageas Insurance, Rob Smale said: "The practices referred to in the Dispatches programme are not practices we would ever use or condone. We want to reassure our brokers and clients that we continue to promote the highest level of standards across our car repairers, using the most cost effective and safe methods as approved by Thatcham, whilst offering customers the choice they want."