Ageas Insurance Solutions, the Trentham Lakes based insurance broker, has introduced an initiative called ‘Rate My Service’ to understand how its employees are being evaluated by customers. It’s common for businesses to ask customers to provide feedback following a call via an email or using an automated phone message.  However the company’s approach is unique in that employees themselves ask the customer to ‘Rate My Service’ at the end of the conversation.  Developed for contact centre employees as part of a new way of working, the initiative has seen over 90% of its customers rate its service 8 or above out of 10*.   
Although Ageas is well respected for quality customer service, the broker recognised that despite its best efforts there are times when things could be improved.  The business was also committed to reviewing all feedback with a view to making enhancements.  The thought of asking customers directly for comments may have worried some employees, therefore as part of a new employee customer service engagement strategy, the company came up with a training solution to support and empower its people to do this. 
Dave Harrison, Head of HR & Development said: “As our customers are placed at the heart of our business, it’s important to understand what they feel about us in order to help shape the future of our products and services.  We want all of our customers to have a good experience when using our service, we have therefore invested in high quality training for our employees so that they are able to deliver this.  I would like to thank our team for their continued dedication and hard work.”
The company rewarded the top scoring team that achieved the highest quality score and combined total number of ratings.  Employees were provided with Love2Choose card points which can redeemed across a number of retail outlets throughout the UK or on the Love2Choose website to buy gift cards, vouchers and experiences. In addition, 15 employees received ambassador status for their commitment to service.  Ambassadors are responsible for engaging with employees in order to raise awareness about the customer service programme and to assist with mentoring.  They were presented with an ambassador plaque for their desk and a number of company branded items such as desk stationery.  Orange lanyards were provided in recognition of their efforts and to help employees to identify ambassadors. 
The company hasn’t rested on its service laurels and is currently inviting all of its contact centre employees to become an ambassador.  To be considered, employees must be voted for by a colleague plus meet a range of qualifying criteria such as achieving an average ‘Rate My Service’ score of 9.
*’Rate My Service’ scores range from 1-10 with 1 being the lowest.