The first winner of Ageas’ award was Liam Moorfield – who has since tragically died of sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS) whilst at University in Leeds. Liam was a very popular and talented artist and last year his mother dedicated a trophy to him to be awarded each year at school for an Art student who showed the most individualism in their work. The first winner of Liam’s award was also Jessie. Friends with Liam at school, Jessie was really thrilled to be the first winner and to be the second winner of the Ageas Art Award and have her painting hanging on the wall next to Liam’s.

Stuart Langworthy, Director of Business and Enterprise Specialism, Brockworth Enterprise School said: “We are really pleased that Ageas is working in partnership with Brockworth Enterprise School – for the students, it is quite an honour to know that the winner of the award will have their work on display at the Gloucester Business Park office – so that hundreds of people will see it every day. We also appreciate the support they give us every year in providing our Year 11 students with mock interviews in order to prepare them better for the world of work – this is a really good example of a school and business working in partnership together.”

Jessie Pabreza-Delves said: “I am very proud to have won this award – to have my painting on permanent display is very rewarding and I hope that the employees of Ageas enjoy and appreciate my work.”

Dominic Rogers, Head of HR at Ageas said: “This award celebrates the artistic talents, originality and imaginative outcome that Jessie has produced. With her natural flair and creativity, she has managed to create a successful final piece. We are delighted to be working with Brockworth Enterprise School and supporting the Art Award. Jessie should be proud of her achievement and we are helping to celebrate by showcasing her winning design. Ageas looks forward to continuing to work with Brockworth Enterprise School and is committed to being an active member of the Gloucester community.”

Ageas works closely with Brockworth Enterprise School – providing business mentors, taking part in mock interviews and sponsoring an annual art award as part of Ageas’s Foundation Programme, set up to support the local communities it is part of.

Ageas is currently recruiting at its Gloucester office, based in Brockworth. For more information about Ageas’s recruitment drive, visit the website at .