To coincide with the Government’s announcement that it is to crack down on uninsured motor vehicles with the introduction of Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE), Ageas Insurance is producing a free broker kit which will be available to its brokers. The kit is designed to help eradicate vehicle registration errors by providing a ‘desk-side’ reminder of the phonetic alphabet, assisting brokers and their clients to record the correct registration details. 

Adam Clarke, Underwriting Director from Ageas Insurance said: ‘Errors in recording registration numbers is one avoidable reason why some vehicles may be listed as uninsured and greater clarity when taking down registration details could save motorists time and money and possible fines if they don’t correct mistakes soon enough. Failure to keep a car insured or declared off the road could lead to a £1000 fine under the new rules.’

Recent research by Ageas Insurance found that while 87%i of people hadn’t heard about CIE and while almost all say that they check that information such as the registration number on policy documents is correct, the 4% that don’t could equate to just over 1.2 millionii cars on the road that could be considered uninsured by the DVLA.

The DVLA and the Motor Insurers’ Bureau are working together to identify uninsured vehicles by comparing the insurance and registered keeper databases. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau has set up a database where registered keepers can check if their vehicle is listed with the correct registration number. To check visit the Motor Insurance Database at .

Some people may find that their vehicle is not listed on the database despite them being sure that they are insured or their registration number appears to relate to a different make and model. This could be due to an error, often as simple and avoidable as the vehicle registration number not being correct when given to a broker or insurer to arrange insurance. Also, it’s vital for people to check the actual registration number printed on any documents they receive, especially the policy document.

Letters will be sent by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau and DVLA to people believed to be uninsured from early 2011, and there are penalties ranging from fixed penalties and clamping through to a fine of £1,000.
Details will be sent by Ageas to all their brokers advising them of how to order their free kit.

i 2022 adults aged 18 and over were interviewed online by Populus between 16th and 19th September 2010. Of these 1456 said that they personally own a car or other motor vehicle and 566 said that they did not.
ii Motor Trade Insider, 10th January 2011.