Optima Personal Accident Business

Optima Personal Accident Business is a comprehensive policy wording designed to protect a company’s employees. There are a wide range of flexible cover options available. The benefits may be requested as a set financial amount or as multiples or percentages of annual salaries or weekly wages.

Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Please refer to the Policy Wording and Policy Summary for further details. We also underwrite a variety of schemes, if you have a policy underwritten by Ageas you should check your policy document for full cover details.

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Who is it for?

  • Risks with between 2 to 300 employees
  • Risks with employees based and registered in the UK
  • Risks requiring the maximum benefit for any one life up to £1 million



Minimum premium from

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Available cover includes the following:

Cover Optima Personal Accident Business
Standard package provides
  • Death*
  • Loss of limb or limbs*
  • Loss of sight*
  • Loss of speech*
  • Loss of hearing*
  • Permanent total disablement weekly benefit**
  • Temporary total disablement weekly benefit** 
  • Temporary partial disablement weekly benefit** 
  • Illness weekly benefit*** 

*  lump sum - up to limit requested
** payable up to a maximum of two years
*** payable up to a maximum of one year

Cover can be extended to include business travel
  • Medical and other expenses up to £5 million
  • Personal property and money £2,500 (standard) subject to £1,000 for any one item and £1,000 for coins and bank notes
  • Replacement of essential clothing or toiletries up to £750
  • Costs incurred in obtaining replacement essential documents up to £1,000
  • Cancellation, curtailment and rearrangement expenses up to £5,000 for loss of deposits or prepaid charges. Higher limits on referral
  • Replacement personal expenses up to £2,500
  • Personal liability up to £2 million limit of indemnity
  • Travel delay £50 for the first 12 hours and £5 for each hour thereafter
  • Legal expenses £25,000 each insured person
Deferment period and excesses
  • Temporary total disablement 7, 14 or 21* days deferment period (varies by occupation)
  • Clothing and personal property £50 franchise

* This can be increased for a premium reduction. We will also consider excess periods in place of deferment periods


Policy benefits

For Optima Personal Accident Business the policy cover can be tailored to the clients needs so that different status employees may have different levels of cover. This applies not only for benefit amounts but also for deferment / excess periods and operative cover times.  While we usually look at providing cover to a maximum of five times annual earnings, we will consider alternative benefit limits.

  • Clothing and personal property up to £500 per person
  • Funeral expenses up to £5,000
  • Retraining expenses up to £5,000
  • Hospital benefit £50 a day for up to 100 days
  • Medical expenses (personal accident) up to 10% of the capital benefit or 20% of the weekly benefit, whichever is the greater, up to a maximum of £10,000
  • Kidnap and hijack benefit £200 per person per day up to £5,000

Business travel section automatically provides

  • Funeral expenses up to £5,000
  • Hospital benefit £50 a day for up to 100 days
  • Replacement keys for insured's home up to £500 if lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed on a journey


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Optima Personal Accident Business