Optima Trade & Professional

Optima Trade & Professional is a package policy that offers the essential covers needed for small businesses with public and products liability as a compulsory cover. Cover can be extended to include employer's liability, tools all risks and stock in transit, contractors all risks, personal accident, legal expenses, material damage and business interruption.

Terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Please refer to the Policy Wording and Policy Summary for further details. If you have a policy underwritten by Ageas you should check your policy document for full cover details.

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Who is it for?

  • Tradesmen and professionals
  • Individuals working on a self employed basis, partnerships, limited liability partnerships and limited companies with a maximum of 10 workers
  • Suitable for people working away and/or from their home or business premises
  • Almost 500 trades to choose from 
  • Instalments option available for cases with a premium of £200 or more

Minimum Premium for Public and Products Liability only starts at

for certain trades 

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Available cover includes the following:

Cover Optima Trade and Professional 
Public and Products Liability (compulsory)
  • Options for £1m, £2m and £5m limits
  • Use of heat at contract sites covered up to the selected limit of indemnity for most trades 
  • Includes Terrorism cover at £2m or the selected limit of indemnity whichever is lower
  • Sudden, identifiable, unintended and unexpected pollution at £1m 
  • Automatic Treatment risk extension for eligible trades up to the selected limit of indemnity 
  • Use of bona-fide subcontractors - annual payment not exceeding 25% of the annual turnover of the business
Employers' Liability Available for most trades, cover includes:
  • Limit of indemnity £10m
  • Up to 6 clerical staff included at no additional (charge not available to professional trades)
  • Temporary employees are included at no additional charge where the number of days worked by all temporary employees as a combined total does not exceed 50 days during the period of insurance (where the Employers' Liability section is in force)
  • Option to include cover for injury to a working partner or proprietor (sole proprietors must have cover in force for at least one employee to qualify)
  • Includes Terrorism cover up to £5m 
Tools All Risks and Stock in Transit Available for all trades, cover includes:
  • Options for £1,500, £2,500 or £5,000 limit per person/per period of insurance
  • Covers portable tools (including but not limited to mobile phones, electronic diaries, hand held survey equipment, laptop or hand held computers) owned or hired in
  • Covers stock and materials in transit
  • Single item limit £1,000
  • Tools of all principals, partners, directors and employees
Contractors All Risks Available for contracting and allied trades, cover includes:
  • Contract works £500,000 maximum value any one contract
  • Own plant and equipment £25,000 maximum limit any one claim
  • Hired-in plant and equipment £50,000 maximum limit any one claim
Legal Expenses Available for all trades 
  • £100,000 (For full details see separate policy under documents called Ageas Business Legal Guard)
Personal Accident Available for most trades, cover includes:
  • Up to 5 units of benefit available with one unit representing:
    - Death, loss of limbs/eyes/hearing or speech or permanent total disablement £10,000
    - Temporary total disablement £100 per week (up to 104 weeks) 
  • Group cover for principals, partners, proprietors and all employees (excluding temporary employees, labour only subcontractors, persons on work experience placement or volunteers)
  • An operative time of 24 hours
  • 14 day deferment period applies
Material Damage

Available for all trades using a premises for the business

  • Business contents - selectable limits up to £20,000 (Computer equipment is limited to £5,000 or the business contents sum insured whichever is lower)
  • Stock - selectable limits up to £10,000
  • Money - automatic limit of £1,000 in transit or in a safe at the premises or £500 at home or in the premises but not in a safe
Business Interruption

Available if Material Damage cover has also been selected

  • Loss of Income - selectable limits up to £150,000
  • Increase in Cost of Working - selectable limits up to £50,000
  • Indemnity period 12 months with options to increase to 24 or 36 months

Excesses (only where the cover is operative)

  • Public and Products Liability - £100 excess applies for third party property damage unless an increased amount is shown by endorsement to the schedule 
  • Employers' Liability - Nil 
  • Tools All Risks and Stock in Transit - £100
  • Contractors All Risks - £500
  • Personal Accident - Nil 
  • Legal Expenses - Nil 
  • Material Damage - £100 reducing to £50 for Money
  • Business Interruption - Nil 


Optima Trade & Professional 

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