With an online, mobile workforce of over 4000 people and a customer base that totals millions, the IT department at Ageas must be at the forefront of digital innovation.

The digital side of IT encompasses four key areas:

Social: As a digital business, it’s crucial that Ageas can interact with its customers proactively and in real time, while also making sure customers can interact with us efficiently. That’s why our IT department employs people who understand the technology needed to make us a socially-agile business and how to make this work for our customers.

Mobile: Mobile devices are a big part of our lives and have transformed how we communicate, how we work, how we purchase products. Because of this, Ageas is continuously looking at ways to make engaging digitally with our services as user friendly as possible, by making sure the UX support is fit for purpose.

Analytics and big data: It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to move away from just using data to predict what is going to happen. The IT department at Ageas develops the systems that collect and store the data, while implementing the tools that allow the business to turn the data into strategic plans.

Cloud: Cloud computing has given companies like Ageas the ability to store, manage, and process data more efficiently on the internet, rather than on finite space local servers or personal computers. The IT team at Ageas ensure the business has access to all this data and can use it as required and without compromising network efficiency.

The IT department has four responsibilities. These are:

  • Electronic business
  • Helpdesk services
  • Networking
  • Software development

With big innovations happening in the insurance space, an increasing need to maximise trends and patterns in consumer data, and be reactive in real time, Ageas is at the cutting edge of these innovations in areas such as Insurer Hosted Pricing and Big Data.

With faster communication, an increased online trading presence, higher needs for data storage and the protection of private data, the IT department is constantly learning and innovating to keep up with the demands of the business, our customers and our competitors.

For more information about joining this fast-paced, rapidly-evolving department at Ageas where learning new skills is a must, please get in touch.