Human Resources

Our HR teams are working hard to provide people solutions to support the business in the areas of attracting, retaining, developing and rewarding people.

Working in partnership with the business HR provides a challenging and reward profession to work in as our business continues to grow and evolve.  We have a number of teams both local to each company and in Ageas UK.  It is important we keep the right balance between having a local presence and ownership whilst driving some central co-ordination and project delivery.  We recognise the complex mix between understanding the diversity of our local cultures but recognising our collective business needs.  

Whether it is a career in HR, Payroll, Benefits, Administration, Communications, Talent Management or Learning and Development, the opportunities are varied both in terms of breadth and depth of role.  For those starting out we recognise the commitment staff make to professional qualifications and therefore a number of HR staff are working towards achieving professional status.

Jobs in HRD (Human Resources and Development)

Within a typical HRD department there are a number of roles and responsibilities, including:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee relations
  • Payroll
  • MI
  • Technology
  • Learning & development
  • Reward

Skills and knowledge for a career in HRD

Anyone wanting to pursue a career in HRD would need a variety of skills due to the wide range of difficult situations that HRD deal with. Examples of the necessary skills include:

  • Being well organised
  • Trusted and approachable
  • Knowledge of employment law (HR)
  • Insurance experience (L&D)
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Written communication
  • Problem solving and creativity
  • Project management


There are a number of relevant qualifications for a career in HRD, including:

  • CIPD Certificate in Personnel Practice
  • Intermediate Diploma in HR Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in HR Management
  • CII - Chartered Insitute of Insurance
  • Starting your career in HRD

To get into HR, a good place to start is by doing the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) Certificate in Personnel Practice. Along with that, having experience of working in payroll or recruitment would be beneficial. To get into L&D, start by getting involved with training in your own department. You could also look to begin studying towards a relevant qualification.