Corporate responsibility - Ageas and the Community.

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility - Ageas and the Community. We believe, as a company, that we should enhance the community and areas that we operate in. Where we can make a difference, we act.


As a large organisation we inevitably use considerable resources of power, water, gas, and paper. Where we can improve our impact on these resources we act.

Internal champions volunteer to improve our working environment and make a positive impact on the external environment.

We are constantly reviewing our impact on the environment and taking action. Here are just a few examples of actions we have taken:

  • We’re helping to reduce our energy consumption by using energy efficient office lighting
  • Showers are available in some offices to encourage cycling to work (full scheme available to employees)
  • All our Solution Centres (crash repair centres) are using low solvent, water based paints and are fully compliant with all VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) solvent emissions
  • Ultra Violet paint that removes the need to bake the vehicle and so reduces the Centres’ energy consumption
  • Recycling bins in all offices.

Charity Work

At Ageas, we strongly support both national and local charities, all voted for by our people. The work of fundraising and community action is also undertaken by our employees.

This could be as simple as baking a cake for one of our department cake sales, or something a little more daring such as jumping from a plane or abseiling to help raise funds.

There is a real sense of ownership of each cause.

  • Ageas UK provides strong support for charitable and community activity;
  • Support for employee involvement through volunteer days
  • Support for national fundraising: Comic Relief, Sports Relief, Children in Need, Insurance Charities and The Princes Trust Insurance Leadership Group
  • Charity of the Year nominated and voted for by employees.