Video transcript

My name’s Natalie.  I started in the Claims department in 2006.  I worked three and a half hours a week, three nights a week and now I work in the Commercial department in Ageas Retail.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the graduate scheme, it gave me so many opportunities to learn and so many opportunities to meet the right people.  
I really enjoy my job, I enjoy every single day, it brings a good challenge but I really, really do enjoy it.

I want to stay in the role that I’ve just come into.  So I was promoted recently, about three months ago, I’m really enjoying it.  It’s a newly shaped and formed team.

Outside of work I’ve just recently bought a house, so working on that at the moment as my little personal project.

I’m the biggest fan of Ageas, I’ve had a really long Ageas career so far.  Actually from the age of seventeen I started my career.  I do feel valued, and I do work with people who feel valued.
Really pulling together as a team is how Ageas works and that’s a great place and a great environment to be in.