Video transcript

Hi, my name’s Martyn, I joined Ageas in 2009 on the general graduate scheme.  
I’ve made some really good friends over the time, but my main thing would be the opportunities I was given.  I had good sponsorship from my head of department and directors and I was able to work on some really key projects and make a real difference.

The people are really friendly, it’s a great team environment, everyone’s got a great attitude and willing to help each other out, and that shows in our business performance as well.

My favourite holiday destination would have to be a full skiing season in the Alps.

The more you put into the scheme the more you get out of the scheme and you have a chance to make a real difference from day one.

I think I’ll definitely be in the insurance industry for life, like most people I fell into the industry.  I can’t imagine working outside of insurance now.  

My biggest achievement would be my promotion to a senior underwriter role here at AIL.
I relocated from AIS after two and a half years and spent some time in the insurance arm and it’s a big step up for me so I was pleased with that.

I would say it’s a good opportunity for a career, as a career in financial services within a well rounded organisation and very reputable company as well.

The atmosphere is good, it’s very dynamic as an industry and what I like is that there are opportunities for good people and progression for good people as well.