Video transcript

My name’s Chris.  I joined the company in 2012 on the claims associate programme.

We’re at the Ageas Bowl where we have a long partnership here with Hampshire Cricket Club.
I’m a big cricket fan so I live being here.  It’s great to see the Ageas name out in the public domain, certainly on Sky Sport when England are playing here.  

The best thing for me was probably exposure to senior members of staff from and directors from a really early stage.  I came to the industry not having any experience whatsoever, speaking to these guys that had a lot of experience really helped kick start my career.

Despite being quite a big company we really do have a small company atmosphere when its to do with the people.  Lots of friendly faces when you walk in and lots of people that will help you if you have a question that needs answering.

Having just been recently promoted I really want to focus on my leadership skills, build on my people management and hopefully progress into a more senior leadership role.  There’s big flexibility in the Ageas programme, even though I was in the claims department I got to visit a lot of the other Ageas companies and see what other departments do, and really build relationships.

For me, it’s all about the people.  Really friendly people here, in any sort of level, they’ll speak to you, they’ll say ‘hello’, and  moving down from Leeds its really helped me feel settled here.

I’d say come have a crack at Ageas, there’s plenty of opportunities in a growing business.  
We’re not getting smaller, we’re expanding.  Some exciting new partners working with us as well.
Some great opportunities in a dynamic company.