Video transcript

My name’s Andy Jaggard and I was recruited for the 2013 graduate programme as the underwriting associate, which meant that I then worked in technical motor underwriting, however I was already an Ageas employee and had been since December 2012.

The best thing about the Ageas associate programme is just the number of doors that it opens.  Everyone is so willing to help you to make sure that you get that you most you possibly can out of the programme.  No matter what you ask or who you ask they are more than happy to help.

My favourite holiday, so far, has to be New York in America, as they say everything in New York is bigger and crazier than over here.

I would definitely recommend Ageas to others because they look after you.  They want you to succeed at every juncture, and all the time they are trying to push you to make sure you can make an impact to both to the company and in your own life as well.  They really want to make sure you succeed to help the company succeed.  Every project that comes in, people are willing to help and willing to stick their necks out on the line for you as well. 

Once you’re within Ageas, your opportunities are almost endless really.  People can go on secondments, can move departments incredibly easily, and the company is always looking for new ways to help you grow.
The best thing about Ageas is definitely the people.  There’s so much camaraderie, any time a project comes in people are willing to work with you to stick their necks out for you as well and make sure that the thing goes well.  Everyone wants to make sure the company succeeds and they want you to succeed during that time as well.