At Ageas UK, we aim to understand our customers better than anyone else and simplify insurance to deliver what they need and when they need it.

Our customer ambition

Offering customers great value and delivering brilliant service where it matters is our customer ambition. It means meeting expectations at every interaction and being there when customers need us most.

Offering customers choices on how they interact with us

We understand everyone has different needs and preferences about the way they manage their insurance, so we’ve established lines of communication to suit a variety of customer needs.

  • Phone: We’re just a call away for those who want to speak to someone. This allows us to ask direct questions, listen to customers and deliver the most appropriate service.
  • Online: For those who prefer to interact with us online, we have 24/7 support or access chatbots with live chat support, if needed.
  • Chatbot: A chatbot is available to answer queries at a time and place that suits individual customers and gives them a choice of more service options.
  • Voice bots: We make voice bots available to customers looking to manage their policies quickly and easily, at a time convenient for them, including making payments and processing renewals.

Helping customers in their time of need

We know that the most important time for us to be there for customers is when they need to make a claim. So, we have been working to enhance and improve customer journeys, particularly from a digital perspective, as this saves time, money, and stress, and simplifies the insurance process.

Using technology to make our customers’ lives easier with timely and relevant advice and support is a priority, so we have developed systems to guide customers when extreme weather events are forecast.

Magic Moments initiative

Our customer-facing teams can personalise their service by sending small tokens to customers that show they care through our Magic Moments initiative.

Listening to our customers and acting on feedback

We do all we can to understand customers’ viewpoints through our regular Voice of the Customer surveys and the Customer Forum, but our complaints process is there should our service fall short of what customers expect.

From our investment in customer experience (CEX) to educating our UK Executive Team about the impact of a claim on customers through our Customer Immersion Programme, we never tire of championing customers and raising the profile of CEX.