We recognise that those who may be vulnerable require additional care to ensure they receive outcomes as good as other customers.

We are committed to the following:

  • Understanding the needs of all customers, including those living in vulnerable circumstances that may expose them to greater risk of harm and, therefore, require more support
  • Ensuring our products and services recognise and respond to vulnerable customers’ needs, protect them from harm, and ensure their experience is as fair as other customers
  • Designing our products and services to work on the assumption that all customers could potentially be vulnerable at any stage of their journey with us
  • Recognising the need for bespoke support in exceptional situations such as safeguarding and threat to life.

Everyone at Ageas is a vulnerable customer champion, regardless of our role in the business.

The Ageas Care programme

The Ageas Care programme supports customers who may need extra help from us when living with vulnerability.

As our employees learn in mandatory training, anyone can find themselves in a vulnerable situation or facing harm through lived experiences. The programme guides and assists our frontline consultants in identifying vulnerable customers’ specific needs and responding correctly.

New Customer Care Guidance - Vulnerable Customers, and an updated Customer Care toolkit, set our expectations and commitment to protecting all customers – including the vulnerable – from foreseeable harm based on our actions or inaction.

Online help for vulnerable customers

We offer all customers more choices about managing their claims journey, including developing the telephone and online parts.

A digital/self-serve channel will benefit vulnerable customers struggling with communication. On the other hand, having someone to talk to on the phone is just as beneficial.

Read our understanding people and simplifying insurance page for more on how customers interact with us.

Being there during the cost-of-living crisis

We responded to the continuing cost-of-living crisis by upskilling our teams to support vulnerable customers under pressure better.

With specialist training in new affordability rules, handling debt and financial difficulty, our customer-facing teams could provide maximum support to people in highly vulnerable situations.