Our claims initiatives include using innovative repair techniques and new schemes to minimise waste and emissions in partnership with our home, contents and vehicle repair suppliers.

‘Repair over replace’ in home insurance

In home, our restoration suppliers offer hard-surface repairs and a resurfacing service that fixes scratches, dents, chips, cracks and burns on various household items.

For household claims, we partner with expert furniture repairers who use innovative techniques to restore furniture such as chairs and tables.

We also use specialists to repair broken jewellery, dry, clean and restore property damaged by floods or fire, and salvage parts from electrical goods such as mobile phones for use in future repairs.

‘Repair over replace’ in motor insurance

Over the past few years, we have embedded a repair-over-replace ethos in motor repairs.

We also encourage our customers to repair tiny cracks in windscreens before replacing the entire windshield. Our repairers’ policy of early intervention reduces glass waste and energy.

Green parts extend use and reduce waste

We are committed early adopters of green initiatives, like our award-winning green car parts programme. It helps to reduce the environmental impact from cars involved in car accidents in which our customers’ vehicles are involved.

Green car parts are original manufacturer items that our suppliers take from one vehicle to fix another. We recently integrated green parts with salvage, taking undamaged parts from salvaged cars into our green supply chain. By doing so, we created a circular economy that keeps insurers’ costs and customer premiums down, while creating carbon savings.

In 2023, we achieved the following:

  • 10,127 green parts used to repair our own customers’ cars
  • 539 tonnes of CO₂ savings from green parts used
  • 9,725 vehicles insured by Ageas that were damaged beyond repair were salvaged, and nearly 3,000 parts were used to repair the vehicles of other Ageas customers.

Helping our customers adapt to climate change

We understand that climate change and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns are affecting our customers.

Flooding, heatwaves and storms are among the natural challenges we and our customers are living with. Since 2016, we have helped people in high flood risk areas access insurance through our work with Flood Re – a joint initiative between the Government and insurers. The reinsurance scheme helps keep insurance costs low for customers in high flood risk areas by placing the flood risk element of their policy with Flood Re, which we help to fund through a levy.

We were an early signatory to Build Back Better, the scheme from Flood Re. Flood Re is a joint initiative between the insurance industry and the government to make home insurance more affordable and available to those who own homes at the highest risk of flooding.

Through Build Back Better, we help fund and install flood resistance and resilience measures to the homes of qualifying customers whose homes have been flooded.

The measures could include flood barriers, higher plug sockets and self-closing airbricks to reduce the impact should a similar event occur again.