We encourage our suppliers to minimising their impact on climate change through a range of innovative and award-winning schemes, we encourage suppliers, such as vehicle repairers, brokers, software providers and furniture restorers, to minimise waste and emissions and their impact on climate change.

We work with supply chain partners to understand their approach to ESG, including asking them to complete a mandatory due diligence questionnaire that ensures we share the same values in procurement. In addition, we set objectives for them that contribute to sustainability.

Our supply chain charter sets out the standards of business conduct we expect from our supplier partners.

Working with motor suppliers

Ageas UK is certified as a CarbonNeutral® company and we encourage our motor repair partners to become carbon neutral too. We support them to achieve PAS 2060 certification, which demonstrates the carbon neutrality a product, organisation or activity. carbon neutrality.

Our green motor parts supplier has also launched a recycling programme to take cardboard from our repair centres for free and turn it into recyclable packaging materials for future car parts. As a result, our repairers rely less on additional waste collection services.

Working with home suppliers

We have established measures for our home repair partners who share our repair-over-replace philosophy.

An example is measuring our loss adjusters and surveyors’ promotion of repairs and restoration of items such as chairs, tables, sofas and jewellery to resolve customer claims .