We have high standards of corporate governance, balancing entrepreneurship with sound control and risk management in the interest of all stakeholders, to perpetuate the long-term sustainable success of the Ageas UK business.

We believe that a strong culture of corporate governance and ethical behaviour is fundamental to the way we do business and is in the interests of all our stakeholders – customers, our people, suppliers and the communities we serve.

We have established a rigorous Corporate Governance Framework, based on the Ageas Code of Conduct and UK governance best practice – specifically the UK Corporate Governance Code (where applicable) and the Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies.

Governance of ESG

ESG matters are already a key consideration for the Ageas UK Boards and the company’s committees when making decisions, and governance and oversight of ESG has continued to be an important area of focus.

The Ageas UK Boards approved the Ageas UK ESG strategy in 2022, ensuring Ageas UK is aligned with the Ageas Group Impact24 sustainability goals. The ESG Working Group, the People and ESG forum and other governance forums regularly oversee and review progress against the ESG strategy.

In support of our commitment to ensuring ESG is embedded across our business, our UK Executive performance is linked to financial and non-financial performance measures.

How Ageas UK is directed and controlled

Direction and control of Ageas UK resides with the Ageas UK Boards. These are responsible for perpetuating the long-term sustainable success of the business, providing strategic leadership within a framework of prudent and effective controls, setting the strategy, and ensuring the direction and performance of the business are aligned to Ageas Group objectives.

The Ageas UK Boards set the tone and have articulated the desired culture through the Ageas UK purpose and values of Care, Dare, Deliver, and Share. Our decision-making framework operates as a tiered approach with the Ageas UK Boards taking ultimate responsibility.

Doing the right thing

We strive to be a responsible business and are committed to carrying out our work with integrity and in compliance with both the spirit and the provisions of all applicable legislation and regulations. The Ageas UK Boards set a tone and culture for doing the right thing. Policies and guidelines have been established to support all employees in maintaining Ageas UK’s integrity and to safeguard its reputation as a reliable business partner that lives up to its core values for all stakeholders.

Our Anti-Bribery and Inducements Policy defines our stance on the Bribery Act 2010 and Financial Conduct Authority requirements. We have established and promote a culture where employees have the confidence and ability to raise their concerns, including regarding wrongdoing. The Speak Up Policy and Internal Alert process set out the framework for Ageas UK employees who have genuine concerns about a wrongful situation or incident to report such issues in confidence (or anonymously) and without fear of reprisal. These and other policies are available to our people on the intranet. As well as induction, mandatory annual training on these policies is given to all employees.